Three Way Dimmer Switch For Led Lights: Canada Dimmable 3 Way Dimmer

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Three way dimmer switch for led lights: Canada Dimmable Single Pole Dimmer switch with Sliding Control and white wall plate for Led /CFL lights up to 150w or Incandescent/Halogen up to 1000w, UL of Canada Listed, 120v

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What Benefits of Three Way Dimmer Switch For Led Lights?

This new dimmer switch is higher energy efficiency and helps to save up to 85% of your lighting bill with Led lights

Three way dimmer switch for led lights is compatible with Led lights and bulbs, top quality and perfect to use as wall mounted for Commercial or Residential indoor application

Easy to install it with enclosed Installation Instruction

Three way dimmer switch for led lights creates comfort in your room from 2 location:

- With our 3 way dimmer switch: You do not need TWO of 3 way Led Dimmers for Led Lights - you need just ONE our 3 Way Dimmer Switch and 1 regular 3 way switch only - see our Installation Instruction with 3 way light switch wiring diagram!

100%-10% dimming, does not dim fully, No flickering, On/Off switch

Three way dimmer switch for led lights is UL of Canada certified (same as ETL of Canada or CSA certifications)

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Three Way Dimmer Switch For Led Lights Specification:

  • Dimmer Dimensions, inch: 4 1/4 H x 2 1/8 W x 31 1/2 D
  • White Wall Plate for three way dimmer switch for led lights: 4 ¾ H x 3.0 W x ¼ D
  • Max Power: 150w of Led lights, 100-277V, 50-60Hz
  • 1 Pack: 1 Led dimmer switch, 1 white wall plate, 3 Screw Nuts, 2 screws)
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Easy to install: Installation Instruction is enclosed
  • 1 year manufacturer Warranty for three way dimmer switch for led lights

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  • For your safety and avoid electrical shock, we recommend to use local licenced electrician
  • Three way dimmer switch for led lights in Canada must be installed with National and local electrical codes
  • We provide printed Step-by-Step Installation Instruction with wiring diagrams and pictures for our Single Pole and 3 Way Led dimmers 

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