FAQ, Led Light Canada,

FAQ, Led Light Canada

I want to buy 3 pack, but lights are available 2 pack / 4 pack. Is it possible?

Yes. Please Contact Us and we may create available 3 pack listing (or any available 1, 3, 5, 7 …) for you and we will send you a direct link at your email ASAP.

How I can pay for my order?

You can buy online from our Online Lighting Store now and pay by your Credit Card or PayPal from comfort of your home > Steps How Buy LED Products in Our Online Store or Contact Us  for other options

What is Progressive Shipment Cost?

We are using a principle of Progressive Shipment Cost from Canada Post and Purolator based on More Buying - Less Paying for the Shipping of a Unit! (just an example: if a shipment cost of 1 pack may be $14 ($14 per 1 unit), 2 packs - $15 (or $7.50 per unit, 4 pack - $16 (or $4 per unit) and 10 pack - $19 or $1.9 per unit !!!), etc

When can I expect my order to be shipped?

We want to prepare your available order as usually in the same day or on the next day (after weekend/holidays) and ship them ASAP with Canada Post, Purolator or an other reliable forwarder from Toronto, canada

What is the Shipping Cost to my Province/City?

Please proceed to Checkout (Shopping Card icon in the right-top left corner) at our website to see the most up to date Shipping Cost* of your Order to your place

Does Seller has a possibility to optimize / minimize a Shipment cost my order?

- Ask Seller to check a possibility to optimize / minimize a Shipment cost of your planned order now!

Where I can check that my order was shipped?

Mostly of shipped orders we provide with a Tracking Number at your email and you may check Online a status of your shipped orders with:

Canada Post - click here > track your shipment with Canada Post

Purolator - click here > track your shipment with Purolator

Do you have a physical location where I (or my friend) can pick up my order?

This is Online Store and we may try to help you to arrange pick at your own 

PICK UP AVAILABLE: are open to help to arrange to pick up of your paid order from Toronto, Ontario - Contact Us now and SAVE on your Shipment Cost!

*Shipping costs above are not static and are subject to change without prior notice