0 10 Volt Dimmer Switch: Canada 2pack 360w Dimmable Single Pole 3 Way

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0 10 volt dimmer switch: Canada Dimmable Universal (Single or 3 Way) Led Dimmer Switch 360w, white wall plate, Led /CFL lights, Ceiling Flat Panel, High Bay Led bulb, lights, tube fixtures, UL of Canada Listed, 120v

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What Benefits of 0 10 Volt Dimmer Switch?

Top quality 0 10v dimmer switch is compatible with 0 10V Lighting Control devices, lights, tubes and bulbs. It is perfect to use as wall mounted for Commercial or Residential indoor application

This new innovative 0 10 volt dimmer switch is high energy efficiency and helps you to save up to 85% of your lighting bill with Led lights

Easy to install it with enclosed Installation Instruction

0 10 volt dimmer switch creates comfort in your room from 2 location:

- With our Universal (Single Pole or 3 way) dimmer switch: You do NOT need TWO of 3 way Led Dimmers for Led Lights - you need just ONE our 3 Way Dimmer Switch and 1 regular 3 way switch only - see our Installation Instruction with 3 way light switch wiring diagram!

0 10 volt dimmer switch is UL of Canada certified (same as ETL of Canada or CSA certifications)

Lower and Highest Dimming range is adjustable with Low-end and High-end knobs, slide after

100%-10% dimming, does not dim fully, No flickering, On/Off switch

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Specification of 0 10 Volt Dimmer Switch:

  • Universal: Single Pole or 3 Way
  • Easy to install: Installation Instruction is enclosed
  • Dimmer Dimensions, inch: 4 1/4 H x 2 1/8 W x 31 1/2 D
  • White Wall Plate with 0 10 volt dimmer switch: 4 1/2 H 2 3/4 W x ¼ D
  • Max Power360w of Led lights, 100-277V, 50-60Hz
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • 0 10v dimmer switch Slider: Controls light level
  • 1 Pack: 1 Led dimmer switch, 1 white wall plate, 3 Screw Nuts, 2 screws
  • 1 year limited manufacturer Warranty for 0 10 volt dimmer switch

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0 10 Volt Dimmer Switch: Led 360w