Commercial Exterior Led Lighting Fixtures: 80w 8190Lm 5000k

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Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures: without Photocell, 80w 8190 Lm 5000k Daylight, 350w Metal Halide or HPS replacement, waterproof IP65 50000hrs Canada

Why Commercial Exterior Led Lighting Fixtures are better?

Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures: are perfect exterior wall mounted light as well as:

100w 5000k > Led wall pack 400w equivalent

100w 5000k Pack 2 > 400 watt equivalent led wall pack

for Commercial and Industrial Outdoor applications on outside walls of:

Commercial Building, Garage, Shop, Store, Warehouse, Storage, Landscape, Yard…

Easy to install, commercial exterior led lighting fixtures: to avoid electrical shock, installation has to be carried by licenced electrician: remove or bypass a ballast when replacing Metal Halides or High Pressure Sodium features.

  1. Working Temperature: minus 40 to plus 60 degree C
  2. Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures:: don’t need a ballast. Just direct wire these
  3. Supports both: direct surface and J-box mounting: (3 wire connectors enclosed).
  4. Step by Step Installation Instruction for commercial exterior led lighting fixtures: is on the picture
  5. Special Contractor prices and Pre-Orders available
  6. Ask for available or pre-order: 100w 80w 60w 48w 30w 26w 18w 13w with photocell or without photocell and Light Color Temperatures: 6000k, 5000k, 4000k, 3000k
  7. Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures:: for conventional high pressure sodium and metal halide lights saves up to 85% of your lighting bill. Save on re-lamp frequency: No bulbs and No maintenance
  8. Dust proof and Waterproof IP65: this light is for outdoor exterior outside wall mounted location
  9. This Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures:: has instant super bright white illumination. No flicker, No buzz
  10. Environmental friendly, No Mercury or Lead, No Flicker or Buzzing, No strobe flash, No noise, No electromagnetic or UV radiation
  11. Next-day shipping (excluding weekends) or Monday shipping if order is placed on the weekend. We ship your available orders ASAP from Ontario, Canada with a Tracking number!
  12. Commercial exterior led lighting fixtures: are Canada ETL certified (ETL vs UL  - Canada UL certification) - with the highest official standard required by the Canadian government
  13. DLC listed: holds DLC qualification for maximum potential rebate.

Specification of Commercial Exterior Led Lighting Fixtures:

  • Pack Dimensions, cm: 39 x 27 x 24.5
  • Power: 80w, 120V, led outdoor lighting fixtures wall mounted have powered factor: > 0.95
  • With Photocell sensor: Automated dusk to dawn functions: light On at sundown and Light Off at sunrise
  • 5 years warranty from manufacturer for commercial exterior led lighting
  • Housing Material: heavy-duty cast aluminum with hinged driver access and shatter resistant polycarbonate clear lens
  • Luminous flux of this commercial led outdoor lighting: 8190 lumens
  • Beam Angle: 100 degrees
  • Light source of led wall pack 400w equivalent: Led Philips chips
  • Housing Color: Bronze
  • Light Color Temperature: 5000k Daylight Bright White Light
  • Longer Life Span of outdoor wall mount led light fixtures: 50,000 working hours
  • 1 Pack Weight:  3.85 kg

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