GFCI Outdoor Plug: 10 pack 15amp Weather and Tamper Resistant

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GFCI outdoor plug: 10 pack of GFCI 15a weather resistant and tamper resistant receptacle provide both: weather resistance in wet/damp outdoor locations and tamper resistant safety; ground fault circuit interpreter protects you from electric shock; indicator light provides feedback on power and protection status, indication of load reversal; include an end-of-life monitoring function; it cannot reset correctly when GFCI reaches the end of life; miswired outlet has no power and cannot be reset

Weather resistant, GFCI outdoor plug: receptacle with led trip indicator is designed with nylon and corrosion resistant metal parts, which have an approved weather protective cover; weather resistant outlet offer extra durable protection from rain, snow, ice, moisture and humidity; tamper resistant receptacles has a UL Listed safety shutter system that prevents the insertion of foreign objects into a receptacle and will be only open upon simultaneous insertion of 2 plug blades

GFCI outdoor plug: 10 pack of GFCI 15a 125V AC with weather resistant / tamper resistant outlet, self-grounding, 2 pole, 3 wire, self-test, automatically tests the GFCI every time the reset button is pushed in; the GFCI will not reset if its circuit is not functioning properly; withstands high torque and resists wire pullout; it is more safe than conventional outlet; UL certified with the highest official Canada government standard required, same as CSA (approved by Canadian Electrical Code)

Easy to install, GFCI outdoor plug: in any electrical box, manual detailed instruction enclosed: tighten the screws clockwise; side and back wire; replaces a standard duplex receptacle minimizing clusters; outlet approximately dimensions: length: 2 3/4" / 7.0cm, width: 1 11/16" / 4.3cm, height: 1 5/8" / 4.1 cm; Available to order: GFCI 15a and 20amp tamper resistant; GFCI 15a and 20 amp weather resistant/ tamper resistant

GFCI outdoor plug: 10 pack of GFCI 15a weatherproof /tamper resistant outlet with 10 plug cover is ideal for indoor application in professional commercial outdoor exterior weatherproof wet damp locations; Single pack approximately dimensions: length: 4 5/8" / 11.7cm, width: 2 7/8" / 7.2cm, height: 1 3/4" / 4.4 cm; Order receptacle with wall plate now, get great shipment Discount and track shipment Status by a tracking number from our Ontario location