Led Garage Lights Canada: 2pack 4ft 30w Clear 6500k 3900Lm Shop Patio Office

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Led garage lights Canada: 4ft 30w (as 150w) 3900 Lm 6500k brightest, Waterproof IP65 and dust proof, 4 foot linkable modern hardwired outdoor indoor led ceiling wall fluorescent tube replacement lights, exterior ceiling tube commercial garage shop office t5 under cabinet counter cupboard direct wire lighting, 120v light fixture from online lighting store in Ontario Toronto ETL of Canada (same CSA) certified

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Why Led Garage Lights Canada are better?

CERTIFICATION: Waterproof IP65 and dust proof rated, UL of Canada certified (same as ETL of Canada or CSA certifications)

EXTREMELY LONG LIFE SPAN of Led garage lights Canada: 50,000 hours

LUMINOUS FLUX: 3900 Lumens or 130 Lm/w

LINKABLE: up to 200w in one power line

Led garage lights Canada: Led 30w are perfect replacement of 150 incandescent halogen or as 80w fluorescent replacement

    Led garage lights Canada are 4ft MODERN TOP QUALITY DOUBLE TUBE LIGHT FIXTURES and perfect to use for Commercial, Residential or Industrial outdoor or indoor application at:

    • Shop
    • Garage
    • Office
    • Store
    • Storage
    • Farmhouse
    • Lobby
    • Hallway
    • House
    • Porch
    • Patio
    • Basement
    • Kitchen

    EASY TO INSTALL led garage lights Canada with Installation Instruction in different ways:

    • Ceiling Flush Mount
    • On the Wall
    • Under Cabinet
    • Under Counter
    • Under Cupboard
    • Under Shelf

    POWER CABLE CONNECTORS: led garage lights Canada are with 19 inch male/female installed connectors on each side of the light + 40-inch extended Power connector

    INSTALLATION FIXTURES: 2 clips, 2 plastics and 2 screws

      Specification of Led Garage Lights Canada:

      • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS, mm: 1170 L x 44 mm W x 38 mm H
      • POWER: 30w, 120-277V
      • 3 years Warranty from manufacturer of led garage lights Canada
      • DIMMABLE: No
      • Led garage lights Canada have the LIGHT COLOUR: 6500k Brightest White light

      More Advantages of Waterproof Led Lights

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