Led Garage Lights Outdoor: 26w with Photocell, 4000k Waterproof Certified

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Top Quality, Led garage lights outdoor: 26w, 4000k Natural White, 2600 lumens, with photocell: automated dusk to dawn functions: light On at sundown and Light Off at sunrise; Philips chips led light source; Led garage lights outdoor: Available to order with photocell or without photocell, white or brown housing, or motion sensor: 18 watt or 26w: 3000k warm white, 4000k , 5000k daylight white, 5700k; 30w, 60w, 100w: 5000k daylight white; Order light fixture now

Savings, Led garage lights outdoor: premium outdoor durability, 5 Years Warranty, reduces up to 85% of your electric bill than conventional light, perfect for replacement of your old 100w incandescent fixture or commercial 100w to 150w metal halide and high pressure sodium outdoor security lighting; Led garage lights outdoor: Working Lifetime: 50,000 hours, Save on maintenance cost and re lamp frequency: No bulbs, No maintenance

Led garage lights outdoor: 26w light is easy to install 100-277V, 50Hz, 3 Wires, Installation Set, Manual, wall or wall mounted at height: 6 to 10 feet, anti-corrosion, heavy-duty cast aluminum with UV-stabilized polycarbonate clear lens; Led garage lights outdoor: Rebate eligible, this fixture holds DLC qualification for maximum potential rebate; High Lumen Efficiency: 100 lumens per watt, 100 degree beam angle sends light downward in an efficient way

Safety and Health, Led garage lights outdoor: created for Your Safety: ETL certified with the highest official Canada government standard required, same as CSA (approved by Canadian Electrical Code); Led garage lights outdoor: is Healthy: No strobe - do not hurt the Your Eyes, No Strobe Flash, Flicker Free, No noise, No electromagnetic or UV radiation, No mercury

Led garage lights outdoor: 26w light designed for wide application as residential or commercial outdoor security lighting for cottages, garage, garden, patio, post, pole; waterproof IP65, dust proof, working temperature: (-)45℃ to (+)55℃; Led garage lights outdoor: Order this light fixture now, get great shipment Discount and track shipment Status by a tracking number from our Ontario location