Led Light Connectors, Canada: 9pack for T8 Single Tube Light Fixtures 120V

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Led light connectors, Canada: 3-wire 2-side female electrical power cord plug connctors for T8 Led Integrated Single Tube Lighting Fixtures ceiling wall mount, led light cable connector, under cabinet light connectors, 120v, Ontario Toronto Mississauga Vaughan

Led light connectors, Canada: 29cm white power cable: up 2.5A, 250V

Led light connectors, Canada: Linkable Up to 150w Dimmable LED lights in 1 power line with 150w Led Dimmer Switch or up to 200w of Non-Dimmable Led Lights

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Led light connectors, Canada: Perfect for hardwired AC 120V:

  • interior dry application as ceiling or wall mounted
  • shop, garage, office, hallway, bedroom, kitchen
  • under cabinet cupboard counter shelf lighting

30 days replacement warranty for Led light connectors, Canada