Pot light Led Kit 6 inch 12W, Dimmable

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 Buy our New Pot Lights. Why?

  1. Our PotLights will make your space brighter
  2. Easily Install anywhere in the house/apartment: living room, bedroom, basement, closets, etc.
  3. Lower you installation cost. Pot lights come as a kit - No housing required. 
  4. Save $ Electricity costs substantially.

Saving money for You, Saving Environment and Making our Planet greener

    Pot lights specifications: Led Power: 12W, 80w equivalent, 

    • Luminous flux: 800 LM
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees
    • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
    • Color: White
    • Cover: Milky PC
    • Color Temperature: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), 5000K (cool white)
    • Dimensions / Product size:  6.7 inch X 1 inch or 169 mm X 25.4 mm
    • Opening / Trepanning / Cut Size: 6 inch or 152 mm
    • Junction Box size: 90L X 90W X 40H (mm) or 3.5L X 3.5W X 1.5H (inch)
    • Housing: Not required because Junction box is included
    • Insulation rating: Insulated contact - IC rated 
      • An IC rated fixture "shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation", according to the Canadian Electrical Code section 30-906. 
    • Use: Perfect for Home, Office, Workplaces, Commercial and Business indoor use. 
    • Dimmable: Yes

    Applications: LED potlights in Kitchen, LED recessed lights in Bathroom, LED recessed lighting fixture, LED Pot light trim

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - Please read step by step instructions prior to installation, maintenance and replacement