Motion Sensor Light Switch, Canada: Occupancy Detector 120V Wall Bathroom

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Motion sensor light switch, Canada is infrared, designed to replace standard 120V light or fan switch, detect motion from a person entering a room within sensor coverage area up to 26ft, automatically turn a lights ON/OFF. The controlled lights reminds ON until NO motion is detected and time delay is expired

What Benefits of Motion Sensor Light Switch, Canada?

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This device can detect motion from a heat-emitting source (like a person entering a room) within its coverage area 4ft - 26ft (1.2m - 7.9m) and automatically turn light ON and OFF

UL of Canada certified (same as CSA or ETL of Canada certifications)

Motion sensor light switch, Canada: COVERAGE AREA: 4ft - 26ft (1.2m - 7.9m) with maximum coverage range of 180 degrees. The sensor must have a clear and unobstructed view of the coverage area. Windows, glass doors and other transparent barriers will obstruct the sensors’ view and prevent detection

Motion sensor light switch, Canada has TWO OPERATION MODES

- AUTO: (Auto ON, Auto OFF)

- MANUAL: (Manual ON, Manual OFF) - user may turn light ON/OFF by Push Button

TIME DELAY can be selected by the user during the set up: from 5 sec to 5 min for motion sensor light switch


(see included Installation Instruction)

AMBIENT LIGHT LEVEL KNOB: this light level is in the middle and marked “LUX” - used to detect if other light source (as sunlight) are enough to illuminate the space without turning the lights ON, if use of Ambient light level is desired, please leave it ON the maximum setting (+). This will allow you the sensor to turn the light ON and OFF regardless of ambient light conditions

SENSOR SENSITIVITY RANGE KNOB: the sensitivity adjustment in on the left and marked “SENS”. Max sensitivity while turning it clockwise will increase it

RED LED INDICATOR: while the controlled load is OFF, it is ON. When the load is ON, it is OFF.

Windows, glass doors and other transparent barriers will obstruct the sensors’ view and prevent detection with motion sensor light switch, Canada

RED LED INDICATOR: while the controlled load is OFF, it is ON. When the load is ON, it is OFF.

SINGLE POLE CIRCUIT: Motion sensor light switch, Canada may only be connected to a Single Pole circuit and is not suitable for 3-way switching. If the existing wiring goes not match the description for a Single Pole circuit, you should consult with a local qualified licenced electrician

APPLICATION: motion sensor light switch, Canada is suitable for indoor use only. The sensor is:

- great when your hands are full and you can’t easily reach light switch,

- giving you one less thing to worry about that your children may leave the lights ON again,

- making easy and convenient way to save energy,

- adding simple automation to your home

Motion sensor light switch, Canada is ideal for private offices, conference room, break rooms, lounges, storage, garage, kids’ rooms, laundry, corridor, hallway, washroom, walk in closet, stairs, basement and any rooms which would be benefit from automatic light control

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Save Energy in low cost way!

Motion Sensor Light Switch, Canada Specification:

  • Dimmer Dimensions, inch: 4 1/8 H x 1 3/4 W x 1 11/16 D
  • White Wall Plate: 4 ¾ H x 2 ¾ W x ¼ D
  • Power: 100-277V, 60Hz for motion sensor light switch, Canada
  • Neutral wire required
  • LED Load: 5 amp x 120V = up to 600w
  • Incandescent Load: 1000w for motion sensor light switch, Canada
  • Motor Load: 1/4 HP 
  • 1 Pack: 1 motion sensor light switch, 1 white wall plate, 4 wire nuts and 2 screws
  • Easy to install: manufacturer Installation Instruction is enclosed 
  • 1 year manufacturer Warranty 
  • Operation Temperature: from 0 till 25 degrees for motion sensor light switch, Canada
  • The coverage area data is measured under the best temperature condition (20-25 degrees C), and a higher temperature may not lead to an ideal coverage area

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