Pot light Led Kit 3.5 inch 9W, Dimmable

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These Ultra slim and Low profile LED Pot lights are PERFECT FOR LOW CEILINGS and Tight Space: LED Pot lights in Basements, LED Pot lights in Kitchens, Recessed lighting in Bathrooms, and Washrooms  

Why these LED Pot light dimmable kits are better?

  1. These Dimmable LED pot lights have Stylish looks to satisfy the most extravagant demands
  2. LED pot lights are more reliable and last longer = 30,000 working hours - comparing to 3,000 hrs of halogen pot lights 
  3. Installing Pot lights is required NO HOUSING 
  4. Low profile LED Pot lights are Damp and Moisture Proof - ideal as kitchen pot lights and recessed lights in bathroom
  5. High Quality / High Brightness - More durable than recessed halogen lights and incandescent bulbs
  6. LED Recessed ceiling lights come with 3 years warranty
  7. Energy Star rated - Energy Efficient and Impact ResistantSave 85% on Electricity bill
  8. Environmental friendly - Contains No Mercury or Lead


    • LED Power: 9W = 60W incandescent - very bright
    • Luminous flux: 600 LM
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees
    • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
    • Color: White
    • Cover: Milky PC
    • Color Temperature: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white), 5000K (cool white)
    • Dimensions / Product size: 5.1 inch X 2.6 inch or 130 mm X 65 mm
    • Opening / Trepanning / Cut Size: 3.5 inch or 88 mm
    • Junction Box size: 100 L X 68 W X 32 H (mm) or 4 L X 2.7 W X 1.3 H (inch)
    • Housing: Not required because Junction box is included
    • Insulation rating: Insulated contact - IC rated 
      • An IC rated fixture "shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation", according to the Canadian Electrical Code section 30-906.
    • Use: Perfect for Home, Office, Workplaces, Commercial and Business indoor use. 
    • Dimmable: Yes

    Applications: LED potlights in Kitchen, LED recessed lights in Bathroom, LED recessed lighting fixture, LED Pot light trim

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - Please read step by step instructions prior to installation, maintenance and replacement